Christine Ohlman carries a torch for Dusty Springfield

Christine Ohlman and Dusty Springfield

The Quote, singer for The Saturday Night Live Band: “Dusty Springfield, for the deep, sensuous thrill of her voice and the unfailingly great songs she interpreted.”

The Source: Rock Torch Exclusive, 1/28/10

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Editor’s note: Christine Ohlman is a long-time vocalist with the Saturday Night Live Band, performed in Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary bash at The Garden and the Obama Inaugural Gala. In short, if you don’t know her, you should. Check her new CD which features back up from the legendary Dion DiMucci, Marshall Crenshaw and others.

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New to Dusty Springfield? Start here: ‘”Dusty In Memphis” showed her evolving and breaking out of the Brit-pop mold, with production by Jerry Wexler and songs by Randy Newman and Eddie Hinton. Get the reissue. It’s got bonus tracks.’

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Dusty in Memphis
Dusty in Memphis (Remastered)

Christine Ohlman photo: © Ric Kallaher

David Bielanko of Marah carries a torch for Dexter Romweber of The Flat Duo Jets

David Bielanko and Dexter Romweber

David Bielanko and Dexter Romweber

The recommendation from David Bielanko, singer and guitarist for Marah: “Lately I’ve been listening to Dexter Romweber/The Flat Duo Jets a lot. Dexter is a channeler, a lot like Jerry Lee or Son House or some other such bad-ass. He’s so far into his own world that he’s nearly impossible to criticize or critique. On stage I’ve seen him and a drummer (Crow!) put audiences into a fevered devil trance, I’ve seen him play unrepeatable guitar parts and invert rhythms making two men sound like a train, like a blizzard. It would be easy for a novice to call him “retro” or “rockabilly” but fuck that, Dexter is a real punk, a rock n roller in the way that can’t be taught, a natural born killah. Check him out.”

The Source: Rock Torch Exclusive, 1/19/2010

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Editor’s Note: Marah was one of the bands that inspired me to start in the first place (I found out about Marah by reading praise for the band from artists I love, saw them in Virginia and have been dragging friends to shows ever since), so this contribution from David is a huge honor. Viva Marah!

Cristina Bautista of Visqueen carries a torch for Ted Leo + the Pharmacists

Cristina Bautista and Ted Leo + the Pharmacists

Cristina Bautista and Ted Leo + the Pharmacists

The recommendation from Cristina Bautista, bass player for Visqueen: “Ted Leo + the Pharmacists are the only band I’m always in the mood to listen to, and I can’t help but dance so hard at their shows that I’m aching for days after. I will forever envy Ted Leo’s ability to consistently write songs that are relevant and intelligent without being preachy, hit close to home without seeming heavy-handed and that are simultaneously catchy and liberating.”

The Source: Rock Torch Exclusive, 1/3/10

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Cristina Bautista is currently the bass player and background singer for the great, great, great band, Visqueen. She is also in The Connecticut Four and has her own solo EP that you can buy on CDBaby here.

New to Ted Leo + the Pharmacists? Cristina suggests you start here: “I’d say start with Shake the Sheets and see if you don’t want to name your first born son after Mr. Leo.”

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ted leo shake the sheets
Ted Leo + the Pharmacists: Shake the Sheets