David Bielanko of Marah carries a torch for Dexter Romweber of The Flat Duo Jets

David Bielanko and Dexter Romweber

David Bielanko and Dexter Romweber

The recommendation from David Bielanko, singer and guitarist for Marah: “Lately I’ve been listening to Dexter Romweber/The Flat Duo Jets a lot. Dexter is a channeler, a lot like Jerry Lee or Son House or some other such bad-ass. He’s so far into his own world that he’s nearly impossible to criticize or critique. On stage I’ve seen him and a drummer (Crow!) put audiences into a fevered devil trance, I’ve seen him play unrepeatable guitar parts and invert rhythms making two men sound like a train, like a blizzard. It would be easy for a novice to call him “retro” or “rockabilly” but fuck that, Dexter is a real punk, a rock n roller in the way that can’t be taught, a natural born killah. Check him out.”

The Source: Rock Torch Exclusive, 1/19/2010

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Editor’s Note: Marah was one of the bands that inspired me to start RockTorch.com in the first place (I found out about Marah by reading praise for the band from artists I love, saw them in Virginia and have been dragging friends to shows ever since), so this contribution from David is a huge honor. Viva Marah!