Rocket Queen carries a torch for The Ramones (and others…)


Rocket Queen of The Cocktail Slippers and The Ramones

Rocket Queen of The Cocktail Slippers and The Ramones

The Recommendation Quote from Rocket Queen, guitarist for the Cocktail Slippers: “I am always moved by the intensity of the voices of Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash. There is just something very honest and real to the way they sing. On the other hand – bands such as The Ramones, The Undertones, Iggy Pop and the Stooges and The Rolling Stones always make me wanna dance and sing, so this is not an easy question to answer…”

The Source: Rock Torch exclusive, 2/28/10

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(Editor’s note: This girl group from Oslo impressed Steven Van Zandt enough for him to want to produce their new collection, Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre (hear a track from the album below). They bring their killer live show to SXSW later this month. Check the Cocktail Slippers My Space page for tour and album info.)

Rocket Queen’s Album Suggestions: “When it comes to Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison you should just buy the whole lot!!!! My favorite Ramones album is Pleasant Dreams (which was actually produced by legendary Phil Spector). I love just about every note the Rolling Stones ever released, but if I had to pick just one album I think it would be Sticky Fingers.”

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Pleasant Dreams

Sticky Fingers

Peter Phythian of Gilded Palace of Sin carries a torch for Dr. John

The recommendation from Peter Phythian: “There’s lots of people & bands that I obsess about, but the one I seem to have a real problem with is the Night Tripper series of albums by Dr John (his first four records that is). I don’t seem to be able to stop listening to them & I wake up with the songs in my head on a regular basis.The albums being Gris-Gris, Babylon, Remedies and Sun, Moon & Herbs (even the fact the last has Clapton & Jagger on doesn’t put me off it).”

The Source: Rock Torch exclusive, 2/26/10

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(Editor’s note: This UK outfit has been lauded by The New York Times, Mojo and Uncut. Pete’s lyrics are described as ‘crucial… like he’s just been kicked out of Tom Waits’ bar.’ Hear their rock soundscapes and check info about their fantastic debut You Break Our Hearts, We’ll Tear Yours Out at their My Space page)

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New to Dr. John? Start here: “The thing I love about them, Gris-Gris in particular, is that I can’t get a grip on where they came from, where they were born. I can see the influences (well some of them) but Gris-Gris seems like seems like he was trying to make a normal record and something came out of the swamps in waves and took over (that’s what I’d like to think anyway). The record flows like a spirit battle between dark and light (guess that’s where the Gris-Gris is). The first two tracks are pretty voodoo, then Mama Roux seems like he’s just woken from a bad dream and needs to forget what it was about before the dark magik takes over again. I Walk on Gilded Splinters the last track is one of the best album closers ever, like he’s accepted he is what he is, the in-between, the bridge , the Night Tripper, the Gris-Gris man.”

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Dr. John Gris Gris

Willie Nile carries a torch for Jesse Malin

Willie Nile and Jesse Malin

Willie Nile and Jesse Malin

The Recommendation Quote from Willie Nile: “One part beatnik, one part Clashaholic, one part romantic poet and all street rocker, he’s one of the rare one’s out there who can write a song about real life, sing his heart out doing it, and you believe every single word he says. His songs mean something and you can put his music on to dance the night away. Not a bad combination. He’s a throwback to a time that never was. Whether he’s playing live with his band or solo acoustic doesn’t really matter as his gift is his fire and the flames can light up the whole town from wherever he’s singing.”

The Source: Rock Torch exclusive, 2/23/10

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(Editor’s note: Willie makes great rock records that garners praise from heavyweights like Lucinda Williams, Lou Reed, Graham Parker and Little Steven Van Zandt. Boss-man Bruce Springsteen also has brought Willie on stage at Giants Stadium shows and most recently they shared the mic at the Light of Day show in Asubury Park. Willie is hard at work on a new collection of songs and is currently on tour. Don’t miss him!)

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New to Jesse Malin? Start here: “An album of his that I would definitely recommend is Glitter In The Gutter. It’s loaded with great songs. It’s hook city and has guest artists Ryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen and a house of cards. It’s hard to pick a best song there’s so many good ones on it. This album came out last year. He’s got a new one coming out in March and from what I’ve heard he hasn’t lost a step.”

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Jesse Malin Glitter in the Gutter
Glitter in the Gutter

Or preview a song by Jesse here:

Jamin Orrall of JEFF the Brotherhood carries a torch for Abner Jay

Jamin Orall and Abner Jay

Jamin Orall and Abner Jay

The recommendation from Jamin Orrall: “Abner Jay was one of the last true minstrels. He was a one man band and played a guitar or a six string banjo along with drums, harmonica and vocals all at the same time. He did everything himself, putting out his own records and travelling around in a mobile home that folded out into a little stage on which he performed. His music is mesmerizing. Sometimes haunting and other times funny, a mix of folk, blues, jokes and monologues. Abner Jay lived a pretty interesting life and left behind some incredible songs.”

The Source: Rock Torch exclusive, 2/22/10

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(Editor’s note: The press site for JEFF the Brotherhood says they have been labeled as “kraut punk” or “psychedelic grunge” but listen to Bone Jam below and you will hear what we call pure pop goodness from this set of brothers from Nashville. Check the JEFF the Brotherhood site for tour dates and album info.)

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New to Abner Jay? Start here:True Story of Abner Jay is a great place to start. It is a collection of what I think are some of his most intense performances. I’m So Depressed can literally knock you down, and it has a lot of good stories on it too.”

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True Story of Abner Jay

True Story of Abner Jay