Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide carries a torch for Little Jimmy Scott

Eef Barzelay and Little Jimmy Scott

Eef Barzelay and Little Jimmy Scott

The recommendation from Eef Barzelay: “Jimmy Scott is one of my very favorite singers. Born with a rare hormonal condition that kept his voice from ever changing, he somehow sounds like a man, a woman, and a child all at once. Also he sings so far behind the beat it just devastates, nobody sings slower. I saw him at Birdland on New Years Eve years ago and it was one of the best nights I’ve had upon this earth.”

The Source: Rock Torch exclusive, 2/14/10

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(Editor’s note: Eef Barzelay fronts Clem Snide, perhaps most famous for penning Moment in the Sun, the song that was used as the theme track for the NBC show Ed. Their latest album, Hungry Bird is coming out on February 23 of which Rolling Stone says it “… sounds like Michael Stipe fronting Pavement.” Also, check their site for tour dates.)

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New to Little Jimmy Scott? Start here: The story goes that Ray Charles plucked Scott for his own Tangerine label to record this collection with the strongest arrangers in the business to make Falling In Love Is Wonderful the best it can be. Charles even fingers the keys on the album. The collection has been snagged in a legal bird nest for years but it has now been re-released in all of its wondrous glory.

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Falling In Love Is Wonderful

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