Carly Rabalais of Golden Triangle carries a torch for Kleenex

Carly Rabalais of Golden Triangle and Kleenex

Carly Rabalais of Golden Triangle and Kleenex

Carly Rabalais’s recommendation: “While I feel that soul music has moved me in ways that are unexplainable, I find it hard to pinpoint one artist to focus on. Instead I choose the raucous women of the band Kleenex. Kleenex has recently resurfaced in my world and I have had the chance to revisit my love for it. Since my initial discovery of the band, I have grown and changed, and discovered more music along the way. Still, upon my recent re-encounter, I’ve found it striking how unique it still seems. The music is just weird. The group often used unconventional instruments and experimental vocals. All the while they always managed to keep it rocking. It’s also empowering to think that this all-girl punk group came out of Switzerland in the late 70′s, a time that females were not dominating forces in the music world. Kleenex took chances and created music that is timeless.”
(Editor’s note: Kleenex had to change its name to LiLiPUT in 1979 due to a lawsuit from, you guessed it, Kleenex.)

New to Kleenex? Start here: “Kill Rock Stars put out a great compilation of their entire discography called Liliput/ Kleenex.”

About the guest author, Carly Rabalais: Carly is a vocalist for the Brooklyn based garage band, Golden Triangel. The band won a battle of the unsigned bands contest at South By Southwest and was quickly snatched up by Sub Pop. You can buy their catchy debut, Double Jointer at Insound Records or check a video for Neon Noose here:


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