Jill Sobule carries a torch for John Lennon

Jill Sobule and John Lennon

Jill Sobule and John Lennon

Jill Sobule’s recommendation: “I should bring up an under-appreciated oldie or a new discovery, however, over the last week I have been spending time on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus -it’s a non-profit recording studio on wheels dedicated to providing students with opportunities to write and record music. It’s pretty amazing. Anyway, they asked me, for their blog, to record a couple of Lennon songs. I have not not in awhile listened to his non-Beatle catalog. I almost forgot how rousing his vocals were on Working Class Hero. Part I’m sure is personal nostalgia, but the power of his song and voice is undeniable. Plus, I think it was the first song that I ever heard with the F-word. As a kid, that was…huge! And he, along with John Prine, the Clash, and later Billy Bragg, taught me the joy of a good protest song.”

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See Jill perform Working Class Hero on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus here:

New to John Lennon? Jill says: “I’m sure all know Lennon’s solo work – but mostly the hits like, Imagine – or the Green day cover of Working Class Hero. But I would even go deep into the Yoko influenced camp. I will always stand up for her.” (Editor’s note: An easy starting point is John’s first solo record, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band)

Jill SobuleAbout the guest author, Jill Sobule: Jill hit Billboard’s top 20 with her 1995 radio hit I Kissed a Girl and has continued to put out high quality records that perfectly swirl sophistication and fun ever since. She’s shared the stage with the cream of the crop, including Billy Bragg, Steve Earle, and Waren Zevon, and her fantastic 2009 collection, California Years was funded by her fan base. Talk about a dedicated following! Be sure to check her site and treat yourself to one of Jill’s live shows.