Kate Nash recommends Sleater-Kinney

Kate Nash and Sleater-Kinney

Kate Nash and Sleater Kinney

Kate Nash’s recommendation: “A band that I love is Sleater-Kinney because they write really heartfelt sincere vulnerable music but it’s also tough and has a lot of balls and they do what they want. It feels like a really raw uncensored expression of something, and I love that mix of lyrics that are vulnerable but tough.”

New to Sleater-Kinney? Kate Nash suggests you start with their third album, Dig Me Out

Watch Words and Guitar from Sleater Kinney here:

Kate NashAbout the guest author, Kate Nash: Kate’s career is as Cindarella as it gets. She hoped to work in the theater, but a foot injury nixed that idea. She then turned to songwriting, posted some clips on Myspace, signed with Fiction records and had an album that debuted at #1 in the UK. Her new album is called My Best Friend Is You and she is currently on tour, making appearances at this year’s Lilith Fair. Check her website for more info and her catchy new single here:

Bonus: One of our favorite live clips pairs Kate and Billy Bragg. Yup…it’s a must see medley of Foundations and New England. LOVE IT!