Eric Zeiler of Xylos carries a torch for Robyn

Eric Zeiler and Robyn

Eric Zeiler and Robyn

Eric Zeiler’s recommendation: “Though it may be an obvious choice, the new Robyn record has really moved me the past few weeks since I first heard it. I’m impressed by the production primarily. As I’ve dug deeper into the nuances of pop music, I’ve found myself most affected by really simple, subtle, elegant production.”

New to Robyn? Eric suggests you start here: On the track “Dancing on my Own” (on Body Talk Pt. 1), you can count the number of instruments in the track (it’s not that many). Every tone that’s introduced is there for a reason, and provides a serious impact. For example, the electronic percussion sound that comes in at 0:38. Super simple, but really powerful. I’ve always subscribed (mostly unconsciously) to the “more is more” philosophy when producing music, but it’s been inspiring lately for me to work to wriggle out emotional power from simplicity. Robyn does that really well.”

Robyn ‘Dancing On My Own’ (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

Eric ZeilerAbout the guest author, Eric Zeiler: The way it is explained in the Examiner interview, Eric Zeiler decided to pass on his acceptance to the Columbia MBA program. Instead he sat down and cranked out a harmony filled pop masterpiece, the five song Bedrooms EP. Outstanding reviews rolled in and an appearance on MTV’s Iggy show followed. Eric recruited more Xylos members and is now hard at work on the band’s first full length album. They’re cool enough to make a song from their sessions available (see below). Be sure to check the Xylos site for information about their upcoming release.

MP3: Not Enough from the upcoming Xylos release.


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