Steven Page carries a torch for John Darnielle and The Mountain Goats

Steven Page and The Mountain Goats

Steven Page and The Mountain Goats (Steve photo by David Bergman)

Steven Page’s recommendation: “I’m a huge fan of The Mountain Goats and I think John Darnielle is one of the best writers out there. He’s one of the most detailed song writers that I’ve heard and I found that very inspiring when I was writing this record.”

New to The Mountain Goats? Steven recommends you start here: “As much as I like most of their albums, I’d probably recommend Tallahassee or The Sunset Tree. Although they might not necessarily be my favourites, you’ll more quickly understand what it is that I’m talking about when you hear them.”

MP3: Lion’s Teeth by The Mountain Goats from The Sunset Tree album

Steven PageAbout our guest author, Steven Page: After co-leading The Barenaked Ladies for 20 years, Steven Page set off on his own and has since been quite prolific as he composed the score for three productions at Canada’s Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Before the amicable split with BNL, he released his first solo album, Vanity Project. Five years and several collaboration records later, Steven Page recently released an album of cover songs, A Singer Must Die (we love his take on Elvis Costello’s I Want You) and another solo recording, Page One, both which are available on Be sure to check that link for a list of tour dates. Don’t miss the chance to see one of the great pop vocalists of our time.