Kevin Murphy of the Moondoggies carries a torch for Kurt Cobain

Kevin Murpy of the Moondoggies and Kurt Cobain

Kevin Murpy of the Moondoggies and Kurt Cobain

Kevin Murphy’s recommendation: “There’s a lot of people I could recommend. Out of Seattle pride I’m gonna say Kurt Cobain and that’s because from the 2nd grade on I was hooked. I’ve never lost that love for the music he created either. I believe Kurt Cobain channeled the same primal human frustrations that John Lennon was so good at. It was balanced and extreme in either direction. It was honest and that’s the intangible we’re always seeking out.”

If you are new to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, where should you start? Here’s Kevin on his favorite Nirvana album: “The most obvious thing is that Kurt’s possibilities could have been endless. The understatement is we wish we had a huge catalog to draw from. I love In Utero for so many reasons. But one reason is that the statement he made in response to a huge hit is unparalleled. He ignored the advice of his contemporaries and made the record he had to make; the big picture is what matters. That album is RAW. If you are interested in the most immediately likable, obviously I’d say Nevermind but if it was an in depth conversation I’d probably end up rambling about In Utero record to some capacity.”

Kevin MurphyAbout our guest author, Kevin Murphy: Kevin sings and plays guitar for The Moondoggies, a Seattle based band whose two albums are steeped in traditional American rock influences and lush three part harmonies. The band’s first album, Don’t Be a Stranger was classified by The Seattle Times as being “…brilliant, each gem deserving a number in the Great American Jukebox.” Their latest release, Tidelands is a bigger sounding album than the rookie release, but the powerful harmonies remain. The band is currently touring (one upcoming stop is part of The Dave Matthews Band Caravan tour), so be sure to check their web page for live dates,

MP3: What Took So Long by The Moondoggies from Tidelands