Alison Scott recommends Lissie

Alison Scott and Lissie

Alison Scott and Lissie

Alison Scott’s recommendation: “The first time I heard about Lissie I was slated to open for her at The Triple Rock in Minneapolis. Like you do, I did a bunch of research on her and decided ahead of time that she was legit, the real deal. I’m not going to lie, I’m a hard sell. I’m a snob, I’m picky, and I’m proud of it. Lissie has won the hipsters over, but there are a whole lot more people out there who need to hear her. I’m telling everyone I can about her whenever I get the chance.

Being a trained vocalist myself, her voice got my attention right away. She’s got range. When she sings, I believe her. Her voice is so pure and welcoming and most importantly, it doesn’t sound like anyone else. Then on top of that, the songs are really good. You can listen to her with her guitar, and nothing else. No fluffy nonsense, no glitter or effects to cover up an inferior product.”

New to Lissie? Allison suggests you start here: “The night we played together, Lissie wasn’t feeling very well. If you could’ve seen her perform, you never would’ve known. She and her band put on a fantastic show. I bought her EP, Why You Runnin’ and it remained in my car on repeat for weeks. She then released a full length album Catching a Tiger. It has a few songs from her first EP with lots of new songs and a little bit more of an edge. All of her records rock some amazing background vocals and sound really open and airy. You kind of feel like they were recorded down the street in your local church with a bunch of neighborhood folks banging on glass bottles and pots and pans. Totally authentic, totally great.”

Alison Scott title=About our guest author, Alison Scott: The music biz is a wild, wacky place! The story goes that Alison Scott entered a contest on the Twin City radio station KQRS to open for Bon Jovi. The station announced that Scott had won and alerted listeners and Jon Bon Jovi alike. However, a recount showed that Scott didn’t win, but that didn’t stop Jon Bon Jovi from insisting that she play the show anyway. The road to stardom is never a straight path, but you better believe that Minneapolis based Alison Scott is on it. In less dramatic style, Alison has earned opening gigs for Chris Isaak, Marc Cohn, Boz Scaggs, and Nanci Griffith and has won praise from the likes of the UK music mag, Maverick (“…devilishly appealing, sultry and sexy”) and local papers such as the MN StarTribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press. This woman is all voice and style and effortlessly fuses Dusty Springfield soulful delivery with a Carole Kingish personal writing style. Her latest album is a wonderful collection of covers, appropriately titled Hiding Under the Covers Vo1. 2 and she is set to bless the Minnesota region with a bunch of upcoming tour dates. Be sure to visit the Alison Scott web site for the latest info.