Speedy Ortiz Takeover: Matt Robidoux recommends Death to Tyrants

Matt Robidoux and Death to Tyrants

Matt Robidoux of Speedy Ortiz (l) and Death to Tyrants (r)

Matt Robidoux’s artist recommendation: “I first spotted Death to Tyrants on the “recommended listening” shelf of my closest independent record store and for about a year I just assumed they were as unattainable as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Growing up in rural New Hampshire, it was difficult to experience live music, meet other musicians or find people who actively listened to music. When I found out DTT were local and had in fact played a release show in that same record store, I was blown away. The music was of a confounding post hardcore instrumental kind, five brothers rehearsing multiple times a week with a Greg Ginn of the woods severity, chopping down trees and pulling parts like I had never heard out of the ether. Hemming disparate elements of jazz and noise together, they created a sprawling landscape as expansive as the distance between Boston and the summit of Mt. Monadnock.

Most importantly, DTT was the band that showed me I could be in a band. They played in unconventional spaces — libraries, burrito shops and record stores out of necessity — there was nowhere else to play. They toured nationally, had beautiful vinyl releases and brought the coolest bands to rural NH. I will always have my spray painted 4 minute long DTT tape.

Later on, when I became friends with the guys, they were not the inimitable elder statesman I perceived, but five of the nicest gents. Eric and Ian in particular showed me some important artists that really fucked my world up: Sonny Sharrock, Alvin Lucier, Off Minor, Penderecki. We started what I still consider to have been “NH’s largest free jazz collective” and I went on my first tour. For these things and many more, thanks Eric, Ian, Ben, Paul, Randy.”

Not familiar with New Hampshire instrumental punx Death To Tyrants? Matt suggests you start here: “Try Experience Will Be Your Monument and Your Love and the rest of the Clean Plate Records catalog!”

Matt RobidouxAbout our guest author, Matt Robidoux: Matt runs the Hidden Temple Tapes record label in Northhampton, MA. Matt also plays guitar for Speedy Ortiz, and when he does so, he wreaks havoc on stage (and, sometimes, off). As Brooklyn Vegan reported, his performances often include “… attacking his guitar or rubbing the fretboard against whatever he can find on stage…” and a recent Pitchfork profile of Speedy Ortiz reveals that Matt has also surprised both fans and his own band by leaving the stage and playing a solo in the middle of the street and launching his guitar through a fence. Yeah, these acts can be seen as theatrics, but make no mistake…this guy can play and he has the right amount of flair to balance with Speedy’s charismatic lead singer Sadie Dupuis. Hear Matt and the band simply kill it on their new album Major Arcana and check the check the Speedy Ortiz Facebook info page for the latest tour info.