Ben Plasse of The Howlin’ Brothers recommends The Sanctified Grumblers

Ben Plasse of The Howlin' Brothers (center) and The Sanctified Grumblers (right)

The Howlin’ Brothers (l) and The Sanctified Grumblers (r)

Ben Plasse’s artist recommendation: “The Sanctified Grumblers are my new favorite band, ever since we were lucky enough to share a bill with them in Chicago this year. We’ve traded CDs with hundreds of bands while touring this year, and we’ve discovered a lot of fantastic new music, but these guys really were the best, hands down. They have the best original songs I’ve heard in a long time and their sound is really raw and bluesy, which I love. We actually just got out of the studio recording a new album and I put in a little homage to The Sanctified Grumblers, where I twisted one of their lyrics a little and added it to one of Jared’s songs. I hope they like it. We were so inspired by their show and their album, it felt right to put a little tribute in.”

New to The Sanctified Grumblers? Ben suggests you start here: “The Sanctified Grumblers album, No Lie is medicine for your soul. We loved the song 9 Bar so much, we’ve started playing it live. We’re happy to help introduce new people to this amazing band!”

About our guest author, Ben Plasse: Ben is the bass player and vocalist in The Howlin’ Brothers, a trio made up of three friends who met at Ithaca College, fell in love with O Brother, Where Art Thou and continued on to win over fans and critics alike with their debut album, Howl. You could call their sound roots or bluegrass, but their music also has a modern edge, complete with cuss words and driving rhythms that sets the trio far from seeming like a hokey retro act. The No Depression site says of the group, ” In a day and age where pretense is everywhere, and ostentatious attitudes are abundant, The Howlin’ Brothers provide remarkably fresh and unassuming change of pace.” Their authenticity got the attention of Brendan Benson, the great solo artist who also happens to be a member of The Raconteurs with Jack White. Benson went on to produce The Howlin’s new EP, The Sun Studio Session, which was recorded, you guessed it, in the legendary Memphis Studio where Elvis, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis cut their classics. The EP will be out on October 14, but you can still get out and see one of their loose and lively, foot-stompin’ killer shows. Keep your eyes and ears on these guys. They’re only gonna get bigger!