Shannon Boone carries a torch for Led Zeppelin

The Recommendation Quote from Shannon Boone, drummer for 7dayBinge: “Led Zeppelin inspires me because of the pure raw energy they had. A lot of their music wasn’t extremely complex; a lot of it was just freaked out blues. But the feel and emotion that was put into it was what made it great. Each guy in the band was very talented in their own right, and, of course, being a drummer, I love John Bonham’s work. He was absolutely bad ass!”

The Source: Rock Torch exclusive, 2/21/10

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(Editor’s note: 7dayBinge is a new group made up of members of 3 Doors Down (Todd Harrell) and Kid Rock’s Band (Kenny Olson). Their album, End of the Road is available now.)

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New to Led Zeppelin? Start here: “I would recommend Zeppelin IV. Every Zep album is amazing, but I think I have a love for the 4 album because it was probably the album that I played most over and over and over till my cassette was worn out! It starts off with Black Dog and that sets the tone for the rest of the album. It takes you on a sort of journey from song to song and the production of the record is awesome and undeniable! All you need to hear is about 2 seconds worth of any song on the album and you know exactly who it is! And of course they end the record with When The Levee Breaks, which is a legendary, almost mythical, performance by Bonham and production of drums by Andy Johns and Robert Plant.”

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Led Zeppelin IV
Led Zeppelin IV