Anais Mitchell recommends Amy Correia

Anais Mitchell and Amy Correia

Anais Mitchell and Amy Correia

Anais Mitchell’s recommendation: “I’m really into this songwriter Amy Correia’s record You Go Your Way. I first heard a song from it called Powder Blue Trans Am (mp3 below) which is probably the single she’s gonna get sick of everyone asking her to play, but it is SO unbelievably catchy funny sad and anatomically perfect, that she’ll have to deal with it for the rest of her life. I mean I quote entire verses and choruses of this song to other songwriters and when I play the track for people I go, ‘okay listen, okay check this out, okay BEST BRIDGE EVER coming up,’ like a crazy person. For that song I admire amy as a master craftswoman but then there are other songs on the record that are so raw and true and heartbreaking, she’s able to come right out and sing “LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING” and you feel her as a humanist, emotionalist, true artist… her poetry is just… there’s a real tough honest straight-up thing mixed with very careful high art. Just like on the record there’s these awesome deep simple, dirty Jay Bellerose drums, but then there’s also these gorgeous string arrangements and backup singers (like actually backing up call-and-response style). and Amy’s VOICE too is a mix of the fact that she can do anything she goddamn wants, and the fact that she never ever ever shows off. This woman live is like, it’s like watching a volcano, its so effortless and so mind-blowing at the same time. In my world she is a classic, iconic singer and writer. she also happens to be a beautiful humble friendly great person.”

MP3: Powder Blue Trans Am by Amy Correia from You Go Your Way

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Anais MitchellAbout our guest author, Anais Mitchell: We were first turned on to Anais a few weeks ago when Peter Mulvey recommended her in a post right here on For those who are unfamiliar with Anais, she is best known for her Hadestown musical production and recording, a folked-up retelling of the Orpheus tale (myth summary here). When it came time to make the record, she was able to enlist top-notch talent: Greg Brown sang the part of Hades, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) took on the role of Orpheus, Ani DiFranco nailed it as Persephone, and Ben Knox Miller (The Low Anthem) donned the Hermes persona. The reviews of the album are nothing short of stellar as The Guardian gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 score and Stereo Subversion’s Jonathan Sanders said it was “a lasting example of where folk music can go when the right musicians take hold of history.” After picking up the album, be sure to click on over to Anais’ site to see where she is performing Hadestown this summer.