Mark Olson carries a torch for Ane Brun

Mark Olson of The Jayhawks and Ane Brun

Mark Olson and Ane Brun

Mark Olson’s recommendation: “I really like the music of the Norwegian {singer/songwriter} Ane Brun. She is Nick Drake meets Country, meets Jazz meets Bjork. Her album Changing of the Seasons is the one I have listened to the most. I think she is on tour with Ani DiFranco now. Her band is cool too! She features a violin, a background singer and a drummer and bass player who create a rolling hypnotic sound. Highly recommended. Ingunn {Ringvold} played her for me and we both enjoy her songs. There is something Nordic and intense about her music, of course!”

Mark OlsonAbout our guest author, Mark Olson: Mark is the founder and principal singer/songwriter of The Jayhawks, the legendary Americana group from Minneapolis. It takes an artist of great courage to leave a group after their most popular record, (in this case, it was The Jayhawk’s Tomorrow The Green Grass), but that is just what Olson did in 1995. Since The Jayhawks, Mark formed The Creekdippers, released a record with co-Jayhawk Gary Louris and launched his solo career. His latest effort, Many Colored Kite burns bright with optimism. “I put everything I had into this one,” Olson says of the record. “I tried to play my best, sing my best, and write my best. I want this to look towards the future, and I hope our story goes on.” Check his upcoming tour dates here and be sure to check Mark Sasso’s recommendation of The Jayhawks here on

MP3: Little Bird of Freedom by Mark Olson