Brian Briggs of Stornoway carries a torch for Teenage Fanclub

Brian Briggs of Stornoway and Teenage Fanclub

Brian Briggs and Teenage Fanclub

Brian Briggss’ recommendation: {Q: What band moves you and why?} “If you mean physically it would probably be early B52s – Rock Lobster era. If you mean emotionally, well Teenage Fanclub make some of the warmest, most unaffected pop songs about unashamedly heartfelt emotions. With their close harmonies and gently distorted chiming electric guitars they instantly transport me to the highlands in the sunshine everytime.”

New to Teenage Fanclub? Brian Briggs suggests you start here: Songs From Northern Britain is their finest, and most joyful and accessible in my opinion.”

MP3: It’s All In My Mind by Teenage Fanclub from their album, Man Made

Brian BriggsAbout the guest author, Brian Briggs and Stornoway: Stornoway’s latest release, Beachcomber’s Windowsill is the blast of digital sunshine that you’ll be craving during the coming cold months. Heck, if you are into harmony filled, joyous pop, you’d do well by picking the album up right now. Led by our guest author, Brian Briggs, Stornoway first released the glorious ‘Zorbing’ single (video below) in 2009. Shortly after, the band appeared on Later… with Jools Holland along with Sting, Norah Jones, Jay-Z, and The Foo Fighters and were quickly signed to 4AD. Beachcomber’s Windowsill, which was released in May, peaked at number 14 in the UK and is getting traction stateside now. A New York date in December on their MySpace page hints at an extended US tour later in the year. Seeing and hearing Stornoway’s sunshine sound live in the the dead of winter is certainly something to look forward to.

MP3: On the Rocks by Stornoway from their album, Beachcomber’s Windowsill