Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate carries a torch for The Glands

Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate and The Glands

Hardy Morris and The Glands

Hardy Morris’ recommendation: “{The Glands} are an often overlooked late 90’s band from right here in Athens, GA. I found out about them when I was in college at UGA. I was working with a guy who was playing a tape of a local Glands show. The tape sounded terrible, but I really liked what I was hearing. It didn’t take much asking around before I learned that they were no longer playing together but that both of their records were essential if you planned on living in town for any amount of time.

I quickly acquired their albums, Double Thriller and their self-titled sophomore release. Their music has been a staple in our van for several years now…and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. That’s the thing about their style; you just don’t get sick of it. I’m not sure of what you’d really even call it. Experimental pop sounds cool and all, but this is much more than that. They have a way of making every song different, yet each one has this sensibility that is all Glands. A+ Definitely recommended.”

Hardy MorrisAbout the guest author, Hardy Morris: Hardy is the singer and guitar player for Dead Confederate, an Athens, GA band that formed in high school and then caught the attention of the manager of The Whigs. Their 2008 release, Wrecking Ball drew comparisons to Nirvana and the band was labeled as, dare I say it…Southern Grunge. Their teaming up with J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. on their new single (sample the goodness below) helps the classification hold. Check the Dead Condederate MySpace page for tour dates and info about their new album, Sugar which arrives on August 24.

MP3: Giving it All Away (Featuring J Mascis) from the upcoming Dead Confederalte album, Sugar