John Wesley Harding recommends Duncan Browne (1947 – 1993)

John Wesley Harding and Duncan Browne

John Wesley Harding and Duncan Browne

John Wesley Harding’s recommendation: “I would unreservedly recommend the music of Duncan Browne. The first album Give Me Take You is more baroque in its folky champer-pop, whereas the second Duncan Browne is a little more straightforward. If your tastes run towards The Zombies, or you can imagine that crossed with folk music, then I think you’ll relish Duncan Browne. He also made some completely different late seventies album, popular in Europe, that were sexier and disco-ier. I kinda like them but you can ignore those. (He also co-wrote Criminal World that Bowie covered on Let’s Dance, a song from that latter period of his career.) Stick to those first two albums: ethereal yet quirky, a cross between sixties pop and folk-psyche, sung in a beautiful Blunstone-esque voice, accompanied by stellar classical guitar and strings. One particular track to recommend is The Final Asylum, one of the otherwise unreleased tracks on Journey a two CD anthology that was released recently. If you like any of it, then Colin Blunstone’s first solo album One Year is a fitting companion-piece and a masterpiece in its own right.”

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