Christine Ohlman carries a torch for Dusty Springfield

Christine Ohlman and Dusty Springfield

The Quote, singer for The Saturday Night Live Band: “Dusty Springfield, for the deep, sensuous thrill of her voice and the unfailingly great songs she interpreted.”

The Source: Rock Torch Exclusive, 1/28/10

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Editor’s note: Christine Ohlman is a long-time vocalist with the Saturday Night Live Band, performed in Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary bash at The Garden and the Obama Inaugural Gala. In short, if you don’t know her, you should. Check her new CD which features back up from the legendary Dion DiMucci, Marshall Crenshaw and others.

More on: Dusty Springfield

New to Dusty Springfield? Start here: ‘”Dusty In Memphis” showed her evolving and breaking out of the Brit-pop mold, with production by Jerry Wexler and songs by Randy Newman and Eddie Hinton. Get the reissue. It’s got bonus tracks.’

Buy the Album Here:
Dusty in Memphis
Dusty in Memphis (Remastered)

Christine Ohlman photo: © Ric Kallaher