Justin Emerle of Echo Orbiter carries a torch for The Perils Of Pauline

Justin Emerle’s recommendation: “I found myself spontaneously entering a dimly lit coffeeshop in the middle of nowhere, South Jersey, with the intention of finding a quiet moment alone. I was caught unaware, and wasn’t in the mood to “be moved” on this particular Autumn evening back in 1996. A couple of amplifiers and drumset sat, huddled, in a corner; four young men appeared before said equipment, cut the silence with their sounds, and immediately changed my young life. Joe’s trebly Tele and immaculately precise “glam” voice, Keith’s counterpoint Rickenbacker infused phrases and soft vocal balance, Kevin’s debonair, softly fingerpicked bass lines, and Graham’s subtle, yet direct, jazz influenced pop stylings on the drums, welded together the finest slice of pop / rock & roll ever heard on the western side of the Atlantic. The Perils Of Pauline continuously wowed young writers, like me, with every new song premiered at any given live show. There was a vibe and ambiance involved with the group that was well crafted and very honest. There was something almost “steampunk” about it. There were hints of early 21st century America in the lyrics and in the raw instrumentation. They wouldn’t look out of place playing a Vaudeville theater in 1929. All the while, there was a swanky, yet elegant, late 50′s Beat Generation intellectualism peppered in as well. Very unique and always charming, they looked the part, sounded the part, and lived the part. The Perils Of Pauline are history’s greatest missed opportunity to spread genuinely genius art/music to the masses of the world. The day they broke up without making much of an impact, is the day that I personally lost faith in the music business as a whole.”

New to The Perils Of Pauline? Justin recommends you start here: “1998 saw the arrival of the Perils of Pauline’s 6 song EP, If You Think You’re Ready – MCMXCVIII. Being that this is their sole release, this would be an ideal starting point for the indoctrination of this band’s pop genius. Finding this rare gem may be more challenging than finding a human being that comfortably lives underwater with a set of gills, but it will no doubt be worth the time invested.”

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About our guest author, Justin Emerle: Justin and his brother Colin have been playing music together since before they hit their teens and started their band Echo Orbiter in 1996. The band was part of the Elephant 6 collective, a group of ultra-creative musicians that went on to spawn indie powerhouses like The Apples in Stereo, Of Montreal and Beulah. Echo Orbiter’s press site mentions influences that range from beat poetry to Ayn Rand, cubism to The Flaming Lips. These guys are serious about their art and it shows on their latest release Euphonicmontage, an album Sick of the Radio calls an ‘… innovative landmark in the world of indie rock.’

MP3: Mouth of an Incomplete Twin by Echo Orbiter

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