Jason Young of Heartour recommends Nada Surf

Jason Young of Heartour and Nada Surf

Jason Young’s recommendation: “My pick is Nada Surf. Most people remember these guys for their gimmicky 90′s hit Popular, but the records they have made in the last ten years are the ones that resonate with me. The formula is simple: drums, bass, guitar with great melodies and clever lyrics. These guys write great songs that feel good and flow easily into your life. They have this vibe about them that seems to whisper ‘It can be a cold dark world outside but there’s a fire inside’.”

New to Nada Surf? Jason suggests you start here: The Nada Surf record that hooked me was Weight Is a Gift.

Jason YoungAbout our guest author, Jason Young: Jason is the full time drummer for The Ruse, but Heartour represents the place where Jason is boss and becomes a one man maestro that expertly blends calming vocals and driving electronic bleep/bloop filled soundscapes that bring to mind the best of New Order and Yeasayer. His latest album, Submarine Sounds is his strongest yet and we equally love the bouncy opener, Big City Drinking, the bolder sounding Yaaay!, which evokes a sunnier Nine Inch Nails and the gorgeous album closer, The Idea of You (mp3 below). This is an ‘up’ album, so grab your headphones and prepare to move. Check the Heartour web site for more info.

MP3: The Idea of You by Heartour from Submarine Sounds