Chris Smither recommends Jeffrey Foucault

Chris Smither and Jeffrey Foucault

Chris Smither (photo by Jeff Fasano) and Jeffrey Foucault

Chris Smither’s recommendation: “{Jeffrey Foucault} is a guy you should be listening to, especially if you like to think. I like to think, so it suits me. The Horse Latitudes are a part of the ocean where the air is often perfectly calm for weeks at a time. Hot, too. Not ideal for people on sailboats. But it probably gave them lots of time to think, even when they didn’t want to. Which is what Jeffrey does…thinks, even when he’s not too happy about it.

The band is great, the singing is great, I wouldn’t bother to talk about the record if they weren’t, but it’s the thinking that sets it apart, and the wondering WHY you’re thinking, since, as one song points out, everybody’s famous and it doesn’t seem to matter much. And the last song, Tea and Tobacco, which says that if this is all there is I wish I had less of it. Very nice. Succinct, too. Make sure you read along with the lyrics. They’re included. No extra charge.”

MP3: Pretty Girl In A Small Town by Jeffrey Foucault from Horse Latitudes

Chris SmitherAbout our guest author, Chris Smither: We couldn’t be more honored to have Chris contribute to He has twelve albums under his belt and his music has been covered by the likes of Bonnie Raitt (who affectionately once referred to Smither as “my Eric Clapton”), Emmylou Harris and Diana Krall. Not too shabby, huh? What? We still don’t have your attention? Perhaps the AP describing Smither as “…an American original, a product of the musical melting pot, and one of the absolute best singer-songwriters in the world” will wake you up. Simply put, your record collection cannot afford to be without a Smither album, so click as we know you want to and pick up his latest, Time Stands Still and then treat yourself to a night out at one of his upcoming live shows.

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