Jon Finley carries a torch for DJ Shadow

The Quote from Jon Finley, singer/drummer/keys/guitar for Beaten Awake: “I love DJ Shadow for his diversity. Some tracks are straight hip hop and some are ethereal and almost soundscapish. When I was learning how to play the drums, I tried to emulate that free, stop and start, weird repeat, anything goes sensibility. He showed me that I could literally play what I thought was “good” even if it wasn’t the “right” thing to do.”

The Source: Rock Torch exclusive, 02/06/10

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(Editor’s Note: Beaten Awake is a ultra-melodic pop/rock band out of Ohio that has toured with the Black Keys and has played shows with Built to Spill. To get a taste of their catchy brew, swing over to YouTube and sample their trippy video for Thunder$troke)

DJ Shadow

New to DJ Shadow? Start here: I would recommend DJ Shadow Entroducing. Front to back, it’s stellar. You can listen to it 20 times and not catch all the subtleties. It’s a piece of fine, modern art. A masterpiece in every sense of the word.

Buy the Album Here:

DJ Shadow Entroducing