Hesta Prynn carries a torch for Kenan Bell

Hesta Prynn and Kenan Bell

Hesta Prynn and Kenan Bell

Hesta Prynn’s recommendation: “If you’re a dude between the ages of 11 and 40 you’ve probably heard Kenan Bell’s song Like This in between quarters while you’re playing NBA 2K10. If you’re me, you lived together at “Rancho La Tuna,” our frat house in LA. Kenan is a mix of two worlds – a literate, witty rapper in the old school tradition but with a tricky flow that is ultra modern and progressive. Like me, he’s a genre-blender who loves a big hook. He’s 6’5″ and stylish and calls himself a “bookworm with a ghetto blaster.” The ladies love him, but to me he kinda just feels like a twin brother. Go to his site and download 5 songs from his record Until the Future for free.”

MP3: Like This Pocket Rockets Remix by Kenan Bell

Hesta PrynnAbout our guest author, Hesta Prynn: Hesta’s hip hop career is quite the stunning Cinderella story. Hesta and her two Long Island gal pals formed Northern State for fun, but the band was able to attract some of the biggest rap names in the game to help on their records (Pete Rock, Questlove, and Ad-rock of the Besties to name a few) after the band’s first EP landed a glowing review in Rolling Stone. When Hesta went solo in 2008, she enlisted producer Chuck Brody (Wu-Tang Clan) to help create a new sound that she says is “…. ‘post-everything.’ It’s post-hipster, post-genre and post-pop.” (Listen to the mp3 for Can We Go Wrong below to get an idea). Hesta has a new EP out (also called Can We Go Wrong), which you can purchase here and is doing a series of shows with, you guessed it, Kenan Bell. Check her web site for the full tour details.

MP3: Can We Go Wrong by Hesta Prynn