Marissa Nadler carries a torch for Patti Smith and Kate Bush

Marissa Nadler and Patti Smith

Marissa Nadler and Patti Smith

Marissa Nadler’s recommendation: “Its kind of a tie between Patti Smith and Kate Bush, for me. Patti Smith I love for her raw energy, and complete ferocity. She had a strong independance that never adhered to the cannons of beauty set forth by society. My favorite album is Horses by far. She rocks out really hard but also can sing a beautiful ballad as good as anyone. Kate Bush, I also admire for her individuality. She is a complete innovator in her field. I think Hounds of Love is one of the most perfect albums of all time.”

Kevin MurphyAbout our guest author, Marissa Nadler: Marissa has been releasing music since 2004 and gained serious attention when she won Outstanding Singer-Songwriter of the Year in the 2008 Boston Music Awards for her third album, Song III: Bird on the Water. If that isn’t enough of an accomplishment, Marissa’s fourth album, Little Hells racked up four star reviews from Mojo and Uncut and earned this glowing quote from LA Weekly critic John Payne: “You’ll want this music to never end, almost perversely, as Nadler echo-croons so ethereally over artfully plucked acoustic guitar, the shapes and colors of her melancholy muse shifting so subtlely as to suggest, best severe and complex emotions that we’ve possibly never recognized in this or previous lives.” Marissa’s next masterpiece is due out this Spring and can be pre-ordered on Check her upcoming tour dates listed at her bandcamp site and be sure to contribute to her Kickstarter project.

MP3: Baby, I Will Leave You In the Morning by Marissa Nadler

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