Tucker Rountree of Total Slacker carries a torch for Mark Mothersbaugh

Tucker Rountree of Total Slacker and Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo

Tucker Rountree and Mark Mothersbaugh

Tucker Rountree’s recommendation: “I’ve always been into Mark Mothersbaugh. My unlce Norman (who is an avid guitar/americana collector) has seen Devo many, many times back in the 80′s when they ruled. He has an actual Devo hat, the red one that looks like a flower pot.

What moves me about Mothersbaugh and his music is the intrepid connection he displays between performance art/esthetic/and great song writing…somehow he was able to connect all 3 aspects of a presentation for a totally unique and interesting sound/band.

I also really like the element of mystery involved in his writing and general attitude. He’s not very concerned with critics and just does what he wants sonically.”

New to Mark Mothersbaugh and Devo? Tucker Rountree recommends you start here: “Everybody I know and my family will say Freedom Of Choice …and I love those songs…but my favorite Devo album is the lesser known 1984 release Shout.”

Check a great clip about Mothersbaugh’s music factory at markmothersbaugh.com.

Tucker RountreeAbout the guest author, Tucker Rountree: Tucker handles the lead vocals and guitar work for what very well may be the next big thing out of Brooklyn, Total Slacker. The band specializes in lo-fi, dreamy pop that leans heavily on accentuated bass and backup vocals. It’s Pixie-ish with amped up humor. Interesting side-note: according to Artrocker.com, Tucker was mentored by Grammy award winning guitarist Eric Johnson and bassist Emily Oppenheimer is classically trained in guitar and piano. Check the Total Slacker MySpace page for release and live show info.

MP3: Video Store Rental Guy from Total Slacker’s demo