Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage carries a torch for Ghost Shirt

Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage and Ghost Shirt

Micah Schnabel and Ghost Shirt

The recommendation from Micah Schnabel: “ I’ve been pretty much head over heels for a new band from right here in Columbus, Ohio by the name of Ghost Shirt. Just amazing pop songs one right after the other. They’re first record, Domestique, will be coming out next month on Anyway Records. I’m a sucker for a great hook and this record is full of them. They are also currently doing 52 singles in 52 weeks. One single a week for a year. Pretty impressive for such a young band. You can find all the singles on donewaiting.com. They post the new one every saturday. I cannot recommend this band enough. Lyrically honest, no pretense, pop songs. What else can a music fan ask for? So there it is. Please go and enjoy. And tell them Two Cow sent ya! Thanks for reading.”

The Source: Rock Torch exclusive, 3/6/10

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(Editor’s note: Micah fronts the full throttled alt-country Columbus, Ohio outfit Two Cow Garage. He also has a quieter solo record in the can, When The Stage Lights Go Dim, that you can pre-order here. If your record collection is crying for the void left by early Replacements and Uncle Tupelo, Two Cow and Micah aim to help you out.)

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Hear Ghost Shirt songs and check their tour dates at the Ghost Shirt Web Site and don’t forget to get their debut record, Domestique, next month on Anyway Records, but if you wanna be in the know before your hipster friends, sample them here: