Don Miggs recommends U2 and Gaslight Anthem

Don Miggs and U2

Don Miggs and U2

Don Miggs’ recommendation: “All time, it would be U2. What they consistently do amazes me. It’s never ‘by the numbers’ for them on album or live. They truly lead the way on how to mature gracefully in a rock band. My favorite new act is the Gaslight Anthem. Combining the heart of Springsteen and the guts of The Clash. It just works.”

New to U2 or Gaslight Anthem? Don suggests you start here: “Achtung Baby by U2 is just the perfect blend of a band mixing new sounds with familiar themes. And the songs just kill.

59 Sound isn’t the best Gaslight Anthem album, but it is where you GET the band and hear the promise and potential of a great American act. The album feels nostalgic and achieves a rare feat. It makes you smile and ache simultaneously.”

Don MiggsAbout our guest author, Don Miggs: Don Miggs fronts, yes, you guessed it, Miggs, a band that may be the hardest working group on the tour circuit. The band plays straight forward pop rock that is drenched in bright guitars and big hook choruses. They average 150 shows a year, landed opening spots with Duran Duran, Maroon 5 and Train and rocked as hard as one possibly can on Good Morning America. The band enlisted multi-platinum producer/engineer Ken Lewis (Fall Out Boy, Kanye West) to bring a bigger sound to their latest album, Wide Awake. Things continue to go right for these guys as they snagged Lindsay Lohan to star in their Banksy-inspired video for Let the Games Begin. Check the Miggs tour page to see when you can catcht them live.

MP3: Let the Games Begin