Mojo Nixon carries a torch for The Blind Boys of Mississippi

Mojo NIxon and The Blind Boys of Mississippi

Mojo NIxon and The Blind Boys of Mississippi

Mojo Nixon’s recommendation:
“Blind boys of Mississippi
The 5 Blind Boys of Mississippi
The Original 5 Blind Boys of Mississippi

Many names – all greatness
Anything recorded before the death of archie brownlee is fan fucking tastic [1960]
Gospel hard rock, the foundation of soul
The true sound of American ecstasy and pain
Do not confuse with sightless bamalamians
This will lead you to the Rev RH Harris and the Soul Stirrers and a cat named Cooke”

New to The Blind Boys of Mississippi? Mojo Nixon recommends you start here:

* Great Lost Blind Boys Album

* Five Blind Boys of Mississippi (24bt)

Mojo’s song picks: ‘I’m a Soldier’ – ‘I’m a Rolling’ – ‘I Never Heard a Man;

Mojo NixonAbout the guest author, Mojo Nixon: Mojo has been making ‘psychobilly‘ records since 1985 and released a new album as recently as 2009. His songs are wound tightly with cutting commentary and driving guitar/bass/drum arrangements. Titles like ‘Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant with My Two-Headed Love Child’ (video below, starring Winona Ryder!) and ‘Don Henley Must Die’ (Henly actually surprised Nixon by joining him on the song in Austin) demonstrate Nixon’s flair for ripping into pop culture. Nixon currently hosts three Sirius radio shows: Outlaw Country (63 Sirius/12 XM) from 4-8 PM ET, Lyin’ Cocksuckers Thursdays at 8 PM ET, channel 104 Sirius/150 XM and a NASCAR show Mondays frm 10 PM -12 AM ET on 128 Sirius and XM. More on Mojo here.