Alan Sparhawk of Retribution Gospel Choir and Low carries a torch for David Bazan

Alan Sparhawk and David Bazan

Alan Sparhawk and David Bazan

The recommendation from Alan Sparhawk: “I think {David Bazan of Pedro the Lion} is one of the best songwriters in history. Because I write music, I end up being very critical of other songs – I think most writers are like that. David always blows me away with his lyrical deapth and ease at storytelling. Plus he can play anything and knows how to make great sounding records.”

The Source: exclusive, 3/22/10

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(Editor’s Note: In addition to fronting the Retribution Gospel Choir, Alan Sparhawk also plays guitar and sings for his other group, Low. Do yourself a favor and listen to the RGC song clips and check their tour dates here).

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New to David Bazan? Alan Sparhawk suggests you start with the Pedro the Lion album, Control:

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Pedro the Lion Control
Pedro the Lion: Control

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