Jay Weinberg of The Reveling and E Street Band recommends Rachael Yamagata

Jay Weinberg and Rachael Yamagata

Jay Weinberg and Rachael Yamagata

The recommendation from Jay Weinberg: “I rarely find an artist that I can call a musical obsession, but one that really stands out to me in that way is Rachael Yamagata. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon her music, but it was sometime around 2006. I immediately loved and connected with her songwriting; she has an extraordinary way of making such intimate, personal music that can capture so many different emotions at once. I love that oftentimes her songs are relatively long. Some of my favorite songs of hers are more than seven minutes! In my opinion, time should never even be a consideration when making music, and I really like that she doesn’t rush every emotion she wants to capture into a 3-minute track. Very cool.

I also find it kind of funny that I usually like turning friends on to bands and artists that I’m into, but I’ve actually never played her music for anyone in that way. To me, listening to her records is a really personal experience, and takes some isolation to really connect with it. I’ve felt like that with bands like Neurosis, My Bloody Valentine, Converge – she hits like that, for sure. To me, she strikes a chord that not many artists do, and it’s hard to share that kind of feeling with a lot of people. But on one’s lonesome, it’s awesome!”

The Source: Rock Torch exclusive, 2/17/10

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(Editor’s note: Of course you all know Jay’s father, the legendary drummer Max Weinberg of The E Street Band and Conan fame (Jay played with Bruce and the band on the recent world tour while Max returned to the Conan show), but Jay is pounding out his own path in the blazing Brooklyn based punk quartet, The Reveling. Check tour dates for the band here and pick up their EP, 3D Radio at CD Baby.)

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New to Rachael Yamagata? Start here: “To suggest a specific album (as much as I love Happenstance), the one that I could play on repeat all day is Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart. It’s a double album that kicks so much ass, it’s not even funny. Elephants has a quiet, paced feel, and Teeth… really rips into high gear. Standout tracks for me include What If I Leave, Brown Eyes, and Don’t. I think it takes a lot for someone to make music that nearly emotionally cripples the listener, but leaves them feeling inspired and empowered – she certainly achieves that. Plus, Ode To… could be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever head.

OK, now check out Rachael Yamagata.”

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Rachel Yamagata Elephants and teeth sinking into heart
Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart (2 CD)