Rusty Willoughby carries a torch for Scott Walker

Rusty Willoughby and Scott Walker

Rusty Willoughby and Scott Walker

Rusty Willoughby’s recommendation: “To me, Scott Walker has always exemplified everything that is wonderful and mysterious about music. His creative output between the years 1967 – 1969 on his solo releases, Scott I – Scott IV can arguably be considered one of the most consistent streaks of musical creativity and confidence ever put to record. Scott’s music is grand American Music filtered through the haze of nascent 1960′s pop artistic renaissance and the old world charm of artists such as Jacques Brel and Yves Montand. Brel, in particularly, was a heavy influence as you’ll find many Brel tunes translated and covered on Scott’s records.

From his early days playing bass in the Walker Brothers (not real brothers, as you probably already know) through his more taciturn stretch composing solo albums, Scott Walker’s continued march from Pop Stardom to Musical Savant was steady as she goes. Eschewing the typical Pop Star lifestyle in pursuit of more pure and honest personal expression, Scott Walker has always been a major influence on me, and i’m sure, any artist looking to find their own way in an absurd and beautiful world.”

Rusty WilloughbyAbout the guest author, Rusty Willoughby: Rusty has been a known entity in the Seattle area since 1990. He’s led and/or performed in local acts Flop, Llama and Pure Joy. He also has a strong collection of solo offerings that carefully balance catchy melodies, sweet harmonies and lush string arrangements. You will hear hints of Elliot Smith, but repeated listens reveal a unique voice that will earn a place on your iTunes most played list. Try starting with his Cobirds Unite record, which features Barrett Martin, Barb Antonio, Margrethe Bjorklund, Rachel Flotard, Johnny Sangster, Scott Sutherland, Lisa King and Tillman Herb. Rusty performs often and an upcoming show finds him opening for Black Francis with Rachel Flotard of Visqueen at the Tripledoor in Seattle. Check the Rusty Willoughby site for complete tour dates.

MP3: Too Early by Rusty Willoughby from the Cobirds Unite album