Bill Mallonee carries a torch for Son Volt

Bill Mallonee and Son Volt

Bill Mallonee and Son Volt

Bill Mallonee’s recommendation: “Emerging from the ashes of the Uncle Tupelo, Jay Farrar set the tone for alt-country with passion and integrity; Musically, a mix of equal parts Neil Young and a modern Woody Guthrie, Farrar fashioned a vocabulary and delivery that was both mystical and direct; Born out of darker side of all the road demands and ‘steals.’”

New to Son Volt? Start here: “On Trace, Farrar proved himself an able poet of life; an artist with confessional tunes that portray the road as the crucible in which a weary but certain faith in the inherent value of hard work and dreams emerges. My of my all-time favs.”

Bill MalloneeAbout the guest author, Bill Mallonee: If you read this blog, you’re searching for great songwriters. The following quotes about Bill Mallonee should make your search, at least for today, a little easier:

* “…The best folk-rock act nobody’s ever heard of … The intelligence and intensity of Mallonee’s writing has elicited comparisons to Dylan from his loyal underground admirers.” – New York Press
* # 65 on Paste Magazine’s 100 Greatest Living Songwriters Poll
* “Dylan-tinged vocal and introspective lyrics that spin out big-picture stories imbued with chilling small details.” – Billboard

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