Steve Wynn recommends for Tame Impala

Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate and Tame Impala

Steve Wynn and Tame Impala

Steve Wynn’s recommendation: “I’m currently listening to Inner Speaker by Tame Impala. It’s a record that sounds both classic and brand new at the same time. Most of all it reminds me of The Nazz, Todd Rundgren’s band from the 60′s. And that’s a comparison you don’t hear everyday. Good, trippy late night music.”

Note: Tame Impala are touring! Check the official Tame Impala web site for tour dates and more info about the band.

Steve WynnAbout the guest author, Steve Wynn: Steve Wynn started off as a sportswriter and has also recorded songs about baseball with Peter Buck (of R.E.M.) and Scott McCaughey, so it is only appropriate to learn about Wynn through few of his major stats. First off, he’s recorded 400 songs. He’s also played over 2,000 shows in 25 countries. But as impressive as these numbers are, Wynn’s music offers tons of quality to go along with the impressive quantity. He trail-blazed indie rock with his band, The Dream Syndicate in the eighties. Their masterwork, Medicine Show has been re-released and was recently named one of the 40 best rock albums of all time by the London Guardian. Since then, Wynn has continued to write and perform and even appeared on the Letterman show with The Baseball Project (video below). There’s plenty of great reading about Steve on the official Steve Wynn site along with tour dates, CD purchasing and more.

MP3 sample: Still Holding On To You by The Dream Syndicate from the album, The Medicine Show

MP3: Phenom by The Baseball Project