Sam Sprague of The Donkeys recommends The Flamin’ Groovies

Sam Sprague of The Donkeys and The Flammin' Groovies

Sam Sprague of The Donkeys and The Flamming Groovies

Sam Sprague’s recommendation: “A band The Donkeys really love is The Flamin’ Groovies. Especially fond of the early Roy Loney era records. The Groovies really proved that it’s okay to span all type of genres in music, something The Donkeys really appreciate because all four of us write songs which in turns brings alot of diversity. But enough about us. The Groovies are a Rock n Roll monster. They are just so fun and excting. So many bands forget that Rock n Roll should have a lighter side. The Groovies write such amazing songs. And they just are a kick ass tight machine. Sneakers, Super Snazz, Flamingo, Teenage Head. You can’t go wrong. Teenage Head was the first one I got. I can’t believe these guys weren’t as big as The Rolling Stones. I love and appreciate all their records. I think Norton has re-released some of the early albums. Grab ‘em up and Bam-A-Lam all night long!”

Sam SpragueAbout our guest author, Sam Sprague: Sam is the drummer and lead singer of The Donkeys, a band that Rocktorch learned about from, you guessed it, an artist recommendation. Craig Finn of The Hold Steady was asked during the Jim Beam Music Series who the best kept secret in music is and Craig chose The Donkeys. We snagged up their CDs and found one treasure after another. Each album is stocked with laid back tunes that would get thumbs up from Gram Parsons, Wilco and Pavement fans alike, but their appeal easily can spread beyond the alt/alt-country sphere. Are The Donkeys alternative? Country? 70′s throwbacks? We’d say yes to all and just add that this is simply good music that has to be heard. Be sure to catch The Donkeys on tour and pick up their latest album, Born With Stripes.

MP3: I Like the Way You Walk by The Donkeys from
Born With Stripes

Don’t Know Who We Are by The Donkeys