Adam Green carries a torch for Turner Cody

Adam Green and Turner Cody

Adam Green and Turner Cody

Adam Green’s recommendation: “I recommend Turner Cody, he’s one of my favorite songwriters. We got started together, both playing at open mics and on the subway in New York. I look up to him because he has a deep grasp of poetics and because he’s tall. Turner is somewhat of a contrarian (e.g. he’s a Jewish Republican who was born a Waspy Democrat) and his music likewise is unconventional. A song like ‘This Springtime’ is cunningly intellectual while still serving to continue the folk tradition. Nobody writes more romantic songs than Turner. Unfortunately one could maybe use a libretto for some of his lyrics because he mumbles sometimes.”

New to Turner Cody? Adam Green suggests you start here: “People should start off with a compilation 60 Seasons which is available on iTunes. I wish it had ‘Nicole’s Song’ on it (one of my favorites) but it’s a good introduction to his early work and people can get an idea from there. He’s probably recorded 10 albums which you can probably acquire if you go to his MySpace page. Enjoy!”

MP3: Next To You by Turner Cody

Adam GreenAbout the guest author, Adam Green: Adam Green’s music career began in the mid ’90s when he and Kimya Dawson formed the wildly popular indie band, The Moldy Peaches, a duo that later expanded into a six piece outfit that opened internationally for The Strokes. The band’s ‘Anyone Else But You’ was recently featured in Juno, featuring Michael Cera and Ellen Page’s adorable take on the song before the credit roll. The Moldy Peaches are on hiatus and Adam has since released a slew of great CDs, complete with songs about ‘Rich Kids,’ ‘White Women,’ ‘Hairy Women’ and, well, Jessica Simpson (see below). Adam’s is touring so be sure to spy the dates here.