Tjinder Singh of Cornershop carries a torch for Yellowman

Tjinder Singh and Yellowman

Tjinder Singh and Yellowman

Tjinder Singh’s recommendation: “There are many artists that move me, but one old standard for me is Yellowman. Sometimes referred to as King Yellow. His delivery was termed “slack” – that is, casual violence, sexism, homophobia, and general rudeness, but I think that is just bollocks. To me he takes soul and funk music to give us a great, often humorous insight into areas of Jamaican, London & New York life. A true original.”

New to Yellowman? Tjinder’s starter album pick is Mister Yellowman. “Backing section by the classic Roots Radics and Earl “Chinna” Smith’s Hi Times band, and production duty by Henry “Junjo” Lawes for a dub based hot summer stereo spread.”

Choice cuts:

1. The starter Natty Sat Upon the Rock has the best drum with bass start ever in my opinion. His lyrics are like nursery rhymes, simple and have you remembering them throughout the day, in fact some of them are nursery rhymes, which help him to temper the heaviness of his lucid toasting.

2. Morning Ride, a song with multiplication timetable – do songs get more educational?

3. How You Keep A Dance In Your Area, the dance has started and here is how one keeps it ram.

4. Jamaica A Little Miami shows how well travelled he is.

5. Cocky Did a Hurt Me, added to the end and best left, sounds like a rough demo, unless you really like King Yellow.

The artwork is great too, with Yellow in a blue addidas tracksuit in J.A.

Buy the album here:

Mister Yellowman
Mister Yellowman

Or listen to a track from the album:

About the guest author, Tjinder Singh: Tjinder Singh is the front-man of Cornershop, the band that somehow blends Indian music, dub, dancehall and good old fashioned pop into the sweetest swirl of melodies. The group is back after a seven year hiatus with your favorite new Spring collection, Judy Sucks A Lemon for Breakfast. Buy the album, check the Cornershop site and watch a video from the record: