Tom Freund recommends Brett Dennen

Tom Freund and Brett Dennen

Tom Freund and Brett Dennen

Tom Freund’s recommendation: “I’ve been a big fan of Brett Dennen since I met him at a festival that we were both playing at in California. Just right away from the side of the stage, {I thought} who is this red headed stranger that looks like he was from Nebraska with a beautiful high voice and lyrics that hit home with an “old soul” presentation? We became fast friends and stage partners in crime. It only bothers me a little that he’s 10 years younger than me and I go to him for advice!”

If you are new to Brett Dennen, Tom recommends you start here: “I would get So Much More – it has a great world healing and islandy feel without a political slant – you will wanna play it many times ’cause it feels real good.”

Tom FreundAbout our guest author, Tom Freund: We at Rocktorch found out about Tom Freund in a very Rocktorch-ish way…we read this amazing quote from one of our favorite artists, Graham Parker: “I get shivers down my spine on almost every tune. Along with Lucinda Williams, Freund is the best singer/songwriter operating today.” From there, we jumped in full on by purchasing Copper Moon and we’ve been hooked ever since. Tom has a great new record called The Edge Of Venice that you should check out, and, of course, you should check the Tom Freund website for upcoming tour info.

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