Olly Knights of Turin Brakes carries a torch for Elliot Smith

Olly Knights and Elliot Smith

Olly Knights and Elliot Smith

The recommendation from Olly Knights: “Elliot Smith had that very very rare ability to paint a picture that you could trust entirely, no lyrics jarred you, no melodies feel “wrong,” and he left just enough space for you to fill the music with your own meaning, a fine art and in his case seemingly utterly instinctive, a musical magician.”

The Source: RockTorch.com exclusive, 3/25/10

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(Editor’s Note: Turin Brakes are a modern folk duo out of London. In writing about the band, NME pleaded for you to “…give them the devotion they deserve.” We are asking the same of you, beloved readers! Check out info about their new album, Outbursts and tour dates here.)

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New to Elliot Smith? Start here:: “Either/Or, my very first taste of his music and still my favorite, home spun recordings that were so much larger than the sum of their parts, completely and utterly credible and stunningly emotive, sad and hopeful all at once, his guitar lines were like gleaming spider webs and I get stuck on them every time.”

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