Rachel Flotard of Visqueen carries a torch for Dave Grohl

Rachel Flotard and Dave Grohl

Rachel Flotard and Dave Grohl

The Foo FightersRachel Flotard’s recommendation: “There’s nothing like the urgency of the first Foo’s record. The ray gun basically shot me in the face, and I’ve always had a hut in my heart for it. Maybe it was because I was a recent Seattle transplant at the time, or that my inner-sterno was lit and my own songs were surfacing, but he/they just struck a chord with me. Always liked how scrappy-romantic and powerful it felt. Plus, any jovial brother that wallops the skins and cranks is good by me.”

Find out more about David Grohl and The Foo Fighters at their site.

Rachel FlotardAbout the guest author, Rachel Flotard: Rachel fronts Visqueen, the West Coast band that put out what we at Rocktorch.com consider the most perfect pop record of 2009, Message To Garcia. Rachel’s own words best describe record: “These songs are my friends. I wrote them through a long ride of self-conscious anguish and joy. They are braided with sunny, ubiquitous problems and snare drums. They reflect the part of me that wants to be happy and make out with Bad Company.”

Rachel, who was classified as “the human incarnation of the Energizer Bunny” by NPR, and the band are bringing their non-stop barrage of power pop and harmonies to a town near you, so check the tour page now and buy your tickets. (Rachel also seems to have a killer sense of humor. For those of you who caught the Springsteen reference in the photo to the left, you’re gonna love this pic.)

Visqueen – The Capitol

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Cristina Bautista of Visqueen carries a torch for Ted Leo + the Pharmacists

Cristina Bautista and Ted Leo + the Pharmacists

Cristina Bautista and Ted Leo + the Pharmacists

The recommendation from Cristina Bautista, bass player for Visqueen: “Ted Leo + the Pharmacists are the only band I’m always in the mood to listen to, and I can’t help but dance so hard at their shows that I’m aching for days after. I will forever envy Ted Leo’s ability to consistently write songs that are relevant and intelligent without being preachy, hit close to home without seeming heavy-handed and that are simultaneously catchy and liberating.”

The Source: Rock Torch Exclusive, 1/3/10

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Cristina Bautista is currently the bass player and background singer for the great, great, great band, Visqueen. She is also in The Connecticut Four and has her own solo EP that you can buy on CDBaby here.

New to Ted Leo + the Pharmacists? Cristina suggests you start here: “I’d say start with Shake the Sheets and see if you don’t want to name your first born son after Mr. Leo.”

Buy the Album Here:
ted leo shake the sheets
Ted Leo + the Pharmacists: Shake the Sheets