Britta Phillips of Dean and Britta carries a torch for Papercuts

Britta Phillips of Dean and Britta and Jason Quever of Papercuts

Britta Phillips and Jason Quever of Papercuts

Britta Phillips’s recommendation: “Papercuts are from San Francisco and will be opening for us in L.A. & SF next week! (Nov. 11th & 13th – tour details here). They have a gorgeous, lo-fi retro sound that is both beautiful and sad. There is an edgy melancholy to it that is bittersweet in the way Galaxie 500 is, but they sound like themselves, like they’re transmitting from their own far-away planet. I wasn’t sure if it was a boy or girl singing at first which was cool.”

If you are new to Papercuts, Britta recommends you start with the You Can Have What You Want album.

MP3: John Brown by Papercuts

Britta PhillipsAbout our guest author, Britta Phillips: Britta Phillips is the beautiful female half of Dean and Britta. Both Britta and her band partner, Dean Wareham, were members of critic fave Luna and the duo has been doing very cool things since they formed in 2005. Most recently, the band was commissioned by the Andy Warhol museum to perform while Andy’s silent screen tests were projected. The songs from that record are now available as a double CD titled 13 Most Beautiful. Equally cool is the duo’s appearance on Nick Jr.’s Yo Gabba Gabba! (awesome video below). Be sure to check the Dean and Britta web site for tour dates and know that on some of the dates, the band will be doing exclusive sets of Galaxie 500 tunes or the Warhol inspired tunes. AMAZING.

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