Nicolas Jodoin of The Morlocks carries a torch for Chuck Berry

Nicolas Jodoin’s recommendation: “Hands down Chuck Berry. One of the baddest MFs in rock n roll history. He as directly influenced me and also indirectly by influencing every single guitar player I’ve grown to admire. His stance, his defiance, his moves, rhythm and signature licks still are part of many musicians and stage performer to this day. His story telling abilities: flowing words and going into details with a delivery that none can truly match. Even rappers now a days…I remember seing him on the The T.A.M.I. Show, alone on the center stage with go go girls dancing…I knew who he was through my parents and the punk bands I liked. I remember that he played Johnny B Good, slightly out of tune and then went into Maybeline. After that I got myself his first record and been a fan ever since. He`s kept me company night after night driving down the coast or across the states from gig to gig. I heard he can be difficult. I guess we have more than just music in common…”

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About our guest author, Nicolas Jodoin: Nicolas is the guitarist for The Morlocks, a band that has been playing blistering garage rock since the ’80s. The band has played on and off over the years, but they have had a resurgence of late as their songs have popped up in movies like Dead Girl, on TV in Knight Rider, and in the video game Destroy All Humans 2. Writing a recommendation post for is a natural fit for Nicolas, especially knowing that the new album form The Morlocks, The Morlocks Play Chess is made up of covers of songs that have influenced the band. And, yes, there is a Chuck Berry song on there. Be sure to check The Morlocks site for tour dates.

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